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Image reads: the Ascent, taking care of your mental health. This focuses on the mental health impacts of wearing masks during COVID-19.

Connecting and Communicating From Behind the Mask

This year has been a crash course in learning how to connect in new and creative ways.First, it was connecting via virtual means when touch and physical proximity was reduced during COVID-19. Now, over the past few weeks we have had to learn how to form connections whilst half of our face is covered by a mask. Then add to that, for healthcare workers, the introduction of protective eye wear. We need to do this for the safety of ourselves [...]

Normal life has been disrupted: a free guide to help manage the disruption caused by COVID-19

Normal life has been disrupted: a guide to managing disruption caused by COVID-19

In collaboration with Occupational Therapy Australia, Forensicare’s Lorrae Mynard has created an important resource for managing daily life amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.Life has been disrupted. That much is clear.With the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, causing wide-spread changes to daily life, it’s more important than ever to support our communities with innovative ways to reconnect with our lives in isolation.That’s why Forensicare’s Lead Occupational Therapist, Lorrae Mynard, has created Normal life has been disrupted: a guide to managing disruption caused [...]