Family and carer support

Forensicare supports families and carers by offering a range of resources as well as events for families and carers to come together throughout the year.

Resource Room

The Family and Carer Advocate is located in the Family Carer Resource Room, which is located adjacent to Reception at Thomas Embling Hospital. The room is open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday between 10.00am and 3.00pm. Books, pamphlets, DVDs, biscuits, tea and coffee are available.


Occasional forums are held to invite feedback about new initiatives at Thomas Embling Hospital. Flyers are sent to family/carers in good time.

Annual Family & Friends BBQ

This event is held at Thomas Embling Hospital on the first Saturday of December, and patients’ families and friends from near and far are invited. This is an opportunity for families/carers to socialise with the patient and staff and with other visitors at Thomas Embling Hospital. A lunchtime BBQ is provided, plus entertainment, and a display of the patients’ achievements throughout the year.

One family/carer says: “The highlight of the Christmas BBQ is the opportunity to have a photograph taken with family/resident. A happy photograph of the resident prompted a visit by her sister after a 7-year estrangement.”

Carer Support Funding

This funding is available to make life easier for the family/carer, particularly to visit Thomas Embling Hospital. Some of the funds have been used for travel costs from interstate plus accommodation, taxi vouchers, petrol cards and help with car repairs.

Family & Friends Support Group

Second Friday of the month.

Well Ways (Forensicare)

Well Ways (Forensicare) is a Mental Illness Fellowship program that has been specifically adapted for caregivers of people with mental illness, who also have contact with Forensicare or the criminal justice system. Participants have reported a sense of relief at being able to access family education and support in the context of the patients’ offending, as well as their mental illness.

More information

For more information about family and carer support and resources contact:
Matthew Jackman or Emma Jacques
T: + 61 3 9495 9164;
E: or