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Recovery-oriented practice

Supporting patient and consumer recovery is the at the core of Forensicare’s work.  We are committed to providing a recovery-oriented environment which encompasses the principles of hope, social inclusion, personalised care and self-management as fundamental to our practice.

Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

Forensicare is committed to providing consumers with information and resources to support their rights and responsibilities as well as their recovery and wellbeing.

Our services are provided in accordance with the mental health principles under the Mental Health Act 2014 and where possible, provides mental health services in the least restrictive way possible.

The Statement of Consumer Rights and Responsibilities helps Forensicare and consumers work in partnership to bring about the best possible healthcare outcomes. The statement is based on the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights and consumer rights under the Mental Health Act 2014, specifically for consumers of Forensicare’s services.

Recovery Pyramid

The Recovery Pyramid was developed by Forensicare consumers to provide a framework for mapping the Recovery journey.

Using the Recovery Pyramid as a framework, our role is to support, not hinder, each individual’s journey towards living a meaningful and satisfying life.

The seven steps of the Recovery Pyramid mark each stage of the recovery journey.  Each step is related but is not necessarily experienced as a straight or direct pathway.  Patients and consumers may move back and forth or through each step of the pyramid depending on what they are experiencing.  By recognising where they are on the pyramid patients and consumers can identify strategies and goals to move to the next step.