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Forensicare, its partners and key stakeholders provide a variety of publications for accountability, transparency, and education.

Quality Account

The Quality Account (formerly known as the Quality of Care Report) is a reporting initiative introduced at the request of our consumers in 2014. The report’s aim is to provide relevant and timely information about the quality of our services, and work with consumers to achieve shared goals.

2018-2019 Quality Account (Yanith Bilang)

2017-2018 Quality Account (Yanith Bilang)

2016-2017 Quality Account

2015 – 2016 Quality Account

2014-2015 Quality of Care Report

Strategic Plan

Forensicare’s Strategic Plans are developed in consultation with consumers, staff, government departments, criminal justice and mental health agencies, stakeholders and non-government agencies to deliver on our values and mission statement: to provide high-quality specialist clinical services that focus on consumer recovery. We also strive to support our workforce, build our translational research capacity, and work collaboratively with stakeholders to achieve better and safer outcomes for both consumers, and the community.

Strategic Plan 2021-26

Strategic Plan 2018/19 – 2020/21

Strategic Plan 2015-2017

Annual Report

Forensicare’s annual report of operations, key financial and service performance for each financial year.

2022-23 Annual Report

2021-22 Annual Report

2020-21 Annual Report

2019-20 Annual Report

2018-19 Annual Report

2017-18 Annual Report

2016-17 Annual Report

Research Publications

Forensicare, in partnership with the Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science, publishes articles for academic journals and mental health publications.

2022-23 Annual Research Report

2021-22 Annual Research Report

2020-21 Annual Research Report

2019-20 Annual Research Report

2018-19 Annual Research Report

2017-18 Annual Research Report

2016-17 Annual Research Report

2015-16 Annual Research Report

2014-15 Annual Research Report

Disability Action Plan

2020-23 Disability Action Plan

Gender Equality Action Plan

2021-25 Gender Equality Action Plan