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Consumer Participation

Input from consumers is fundamental to informing and shaping the continual improvement of all our services. Programs operate across the organisation to ensure that consumers participate in the ongoing development, implementation and maintenance of our programs and overall service delivery.

Consumer Consultant Team

The Consumer Consultant team plays a vital role in facilitating consumer leadership and engagement across Forensicare. Our Consumer Consultants create opportunities for consumers to take a leadership role by –

  • working closely with consumers and staff to provide support and consultation
  • encouraging consumers to become more involved in their own therapy, treatment and recovery
  • facilitating consumer awareness of all available services and options
  • providing advice to staff on how certain aspects of the service may be experienced from a consumer perspective.

The Consumer Consultant teams focus on broad systemic issues across forensic that promote effective service delivery for the benefit of consumers. They are not a member of the treating or therapeutic team and do not advocate on behalf of individual patients, unless the issue may have broader application.

Consumer advisory groups

A Consumer Advisory Group operates at Thomas Embling Hospital and Community Forensic Mental Health Service to enhance the quality of Forensicare’ s service delivery across the organisation.

The Consumer Advisory Group at Thomas Embling Hospital consists of consumers selected by an interview process.

The Consumer Advisory Group at Community Forensic Mental Health Service contains current and past consumers of Forensicare selected through a nomination process. Both Groups meet separately, generally on a monthly basis.

Patient Consulting Group

The role of the Patient Consulting Group operates out of Thomas Embling Hospital. It’s purpose is to participate in the development and implementation of a recovery approach across Forensicare and to provide consultation, feedback and education to the wider service and the Clinical Governance Management Committee. Consumers are selected by an interview process. The Patient Consulting Group meets fortnightly.

More information

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