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The place to stay and grow your psychiatry career.

From registrar trainees to specialist and executive specialist grades, as well as medical students on electives, there is a place for you at Forensicare at every stage of your career.

In addition to high quality training and expert leadership, you will also benefit from the ability to negotiate flexible working arrangements and a professional setting that values work-life balance, excellent job security and a rewarding career working with diverse consumers across the forensic mental health and criminal justice system.

Forensicare offers a full range of training and specialist roles across a broad range of community, prison and hospital settings. Our training posts are highly sought after and well-regarded.

What do psychiatrists do at Forensicare?

Forensic psychiatrists provide a range of specialist services based on understanding the relationship between mental disorder and offending. You will also build your understanding of relevant legislation and legal issues including mental impairment, unfitness to be tried, and sentencing considerations. Your work will include:

  • assessing and treating people living with mental health issues in the criminal justice system. 
  • assessing and managing the risk of offending by consumers with a mental disorder. 
  • assisting the criminal justice system to understand the role of the mental disorder so that the legal outcome is informed by the consumer’s mental health. 
You can practice your specialist skills across a range of settings including:

What does a typical day look like at Forensicare?

You will work a Monday to Friday roster and provide after hours on-call cover as required, although you can negotiate flexible hours. Working within a recoverybased treatment model, registrars and psychiatrists at Forensicare provide a range of specialist services.  

At Thomas Embling Hospital you may: 

  • Conduct comprehensive specialised assessment and work with multidisciplinary teams providing care and management of consumers with mental health disorders. 
  • Provide specialised advice to highly experienced multidisciplinary teams across all stages of the recovery pathway.  

In prisons across Victoria you may: 

  •  Assess and treat people with mental health disorders across acute, sub-acute, psycho-social rehabilitation, complex transition and challenging and complex behaviour settings. 
  • Deliver outpatient (clinic-based) services across most prisons in Victoria.  

In community settings you may: 

  • Manage consumers on supervision orders living in or transitioning to community living. 
  • Conduct specialist forensic assessments for courts and the adult parole board, as well as area mental health services. 
  • Deliver specialist community-based assessment and treatment for people with a range of problem behaviours associated with offending and for whom services are not available elsewhere, through our Problem Behaviour Program. 
  • Provide assessments, court reporting and expert testimony to Magistrates’, County and Supreme Courts. 
  • Work in the Victorian Fixated Threat Assessment Centre—a joint Victoria Police and Forensicare initiative—to assess consumers engaging in inappropriate or threatening communications and actions, and develop management plans aimed at engaging these individuals with mental health services as needed.

What support, supervision and professional development would I receive?

Forensicare is the place to grow your career. You will share a close working relationship with a large team of psychiatrist colleagues and multidisciplinary teams, with opportunities for advancement as well as supervision.


We offer access to relevant education, specialist forensic training and research opportunities through the Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science – Australasia’s leading centre in the areas of forensic mental health and behavioural science research, teaching and development.

Financial support is available for continuing medical education, as per the Medical Specialist’s enterprise bargaining agreement.


All registrar positions offered at Forensicare are Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) accredited and supervised by RANZCP accredited supervisors, suitable for Stage 2 and Stage 3 trainees and advanced forensic trainees.

Forensicare has a high success rate with Scholarly Project results for advanced trainees.

Forensicare offers research supervision and support for trainees wishing to undertake Scholarly Projects in forensic psychiatry through collaboration with our research colleagues at the Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science, Swinburne University of Technology.   Advanced trainees are offered 50 per cent reimbursement of their tuition fee if they chose to do a formal education course at Swinburne University of Technology for their forensic psychiatry training program.

We also have programs to support specialist international medical graduates and can assist them in fulfilling their professional and training needs.

This is in addition to the full suite of benefits available to all Forensicare employees.

Do you have a psychiatry trainee program?

Yes. We welcome psychiatry trainees to join our team.

We are offering fixed term positions (up to two years) for registrars available from August 2022 and February 2023. We offer flexible working hours, with a Monday to Friday roster and on-call to cover weekends.

Applicants for this position will be able to participate in Forensicare’s Training Program for Registrars, which is accredited as meeting the standards of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) for both generalist and forensic sub-specialty training. All posts are RANZCP accredited and supervised by RANZCP accredited supervisors.

Prior experience in forensic psychiatry is desirable but not essential. Enrolment in core or specialist training in psychiatry is necessary apart from specialist international medical graduates on a specialist specified training pathway, on a college-approved supervised workplace-based training plan.

For more information please contact Suzie Maiolo, Medical Workforce Manager, People and Culture.

I don’t have qualifications in forensic mental health. Can I still apply?

Yes, if you have a medical degree and a background in psychiatry, we will consider your application. As a Forensicare psychiatrist, we can support you in further professional development that you may need in your role.

Do you accept applicants from overseas?

Yes. We welcome overseas applicants to apply for psychiatry vacancies as they become available.

Find out more about the support we provide as you relocate and settle into life in Melbourne.

“Having completed my core psychiatry training in the UK, I felt that I was able to transition easily into clinical work with Forensicare. I felt very supported by Forensicare in undertaking this move across the world – with assistance in filling in registration and visa paperwork, finding accommodation in Melbourne and excellent communication throughout the entire process. After a few months I was encouraged to apply for permanent residency through the organisation, which was granted within 7 months of me arriving in Australia.”

Graham, Psychiatry Registrar

I am a student. Do you have a medical student elective program?

Yes. We run a university medical elective program for up to four local and interstate students each year. All medical students with an interest in psychiatry are encouraged to apply.

Find out more.

“I completed a medical elective with Forensicare after my medical degree to establish if a career in psychiatry and forensics was for me. The enthusiastic teaching I received from my registrars and consultants extended to nursing and allied health staff, giving a holistic picture of the organisation and how multidisciplinary teams assist in the rehabilitation of people living with the dual stigma of mental illness and offending.

Coming from a criminology background, I was unsure if I would feel a clash working within a forensic setting, however, Forensicare provided the most intellectually stimulating rotation of my medical career and affirmed my career trajectory.

I am deeply grateful for the month I spent rotating through Thomas Embling Hospital and the Problem Behaviour Program and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to broaden their experience of psychiatry.

It provides a fascinating insight into our justice and mental health systems, which all medical practitioners encounter, a valuable experience for all.”

Medical Elective Student

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information about psychiatry at Forensicare, contact our People & Culture team.