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Corporate administration

This is what your social justice career looks like.

You can use your skills and expertise to make a difference. At Forensicare, you will influence a better system of care for people at the intersection of the mental health and criminal justice systems, whilst receiving the professional and technical support you need to advance your career.

Our corporate administration team provides operational support that allows us to deliver the highest quality care to our consumers.

Finance and business services

We drive and support a cross-portfolio approach to continuous improvement, to ensure efficient, effective and economical service delivery.

The Finance and Business Services portfolio covers:

  • finance (including the Accounting, Payroll and Consumer Trust Account teams)
  • IT services
  • infrastructure and site services (including capital works, maintenance and minor works, hospital security oversight)
  • procurement.

All our services are overlaid with a business improvement discipline and a commitment to a positive customer experience.

People and culture

Join the team leading a positive and supportive organisational culture. Our strategic people-focused programs and policies support leaders to create and sustain high performing teams, by delivering expert advice, wellbeing and learning initiatives.

This team is responsible for:

  • occupational health, safety and wellbeing
  • learning and development
  • employee relations
  • data insights and reporting
  • recruitment and retention
  • leadership development
  • employee engagement.

Strategy, policy and performance

The strategy, policy and performance team supports the organisation to meet its future goals and priorities.

The team collaborates with workers across the organisation to:

  • lead strategic planning
  • enhance our systems, processes, policies, and procedures
  • monitor our performance and reporting
  • develop, implement and monitor the quality and safety of our services
  • identify and respond to quality, risk and safety issues
  • develop and implement strategic internal and external communications
  • conduct research and evaluation
  • use business intelligence data to inform our decisions
  • manage a range of intersectional portfolios including First Nations, Family Violence and Disability
  • build Forensicare’s reputation as a leader in mental health.

Support, supervision and professional development

We value professional development at Forensicare and encourage each employee to plan and attend professional development training that is relevant to your role. Professional development in the corporate administration team may include:

  • on-the-job training
  • attending peer-directed forums
  • completing online learning
  • face-to-face workshops and classes
  • engaging in peer review
  • clinical supervision (for clinician’s currently in corporate roles).

This is in addition to the full suite of benefits available to all Forensicare employees.