Families & carers

The families, friends and carers of our consumers are very important people who help to carry the hope for consumers. Family and carers help continues throughout the consumers journey towards discharge into the community. Importantly, they also help to maintain the connection between consumers and their children.

Forensicare is committed to providing a service to family and carers which follows the principles of Family Sensitive Practice. Family Sensitive Practice is promoted in the following ways:

Families & Carers Advocate Team

The Family and Carer Advocate Team fulfils the role of ‘Carer Consultants’ across Forensicare’s services. One of the main requirements for the holder of this position is to have current or previous direct experience of being a family/ carer for a person with a serious mental health issue who has been treated within the public mental health system. This hands-on experience provides authenticity to the position.

The key responsibilities for our Families & Carers Advocates are to provide:

  • direct support (face to face, by phone, or by email) to families and friends of Forensicare patients and clients
  • secondary consultation to staff about all sorts of family/carer support needs
  • presentation to new staff during their orientation
  • training on family sensitive practice work alongside clinical staff to graduate and post-graduate nurses
  • attendance at Family Meetings (by request of the family/carer)

More information

For more information about families and carers support at Forensicare and the Families & Carers Consultants on 9495 9100.