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About Forensicare

Forensicare is Victoria’s leading provider of Forensic mental health care.  We work to meet the needs of cosnumers with serious mental illnesses across the justice sytem, mental health sectors and the community.  Watch this video and learn more about the work we do.

Our recovery focussed approach

Our services deliver a range of mental health programs targeted at patients with different needs at different stages of recovery; from early intervention and prevention, inpatient care, rehabilitation and community transition support. Watch this video and find out more about our recovery oriented approach to mental health care.

Nursing with a difference

Nurses at Forensicare play an important and central role across all our services.  They work in a range of new and complex mental health settings that provide rewarding career and personal growth opportunities. Watch this video and find out more about mental health nursing careers at Forensicare.

Working in prison mental health services

Forensicare’s prison services are expanding and we need more mental health staff.  As Victoria’s leading provider of forensic mental health care, we are undergoing a period of rapid growth as demand for our expertise grows.  Watch this video and find out more about prison mental health careers at Forensicare.

Don’t come back Jack

‘Don’t come back Jack’ is a video that highlights Forensicare’s collaborative, recovery approach to supporting our patients and consumers in our care.

Written and narrated by Forensicare consumers, ‘Don’t come back Jack’ focusses on the experiences and recovery journey of ‘Jack’, a patient at Thomas Embling Hospital.

A carer’s journey through the forensic mental health system

While Forensicare’s focus is to support consumers on their mental health recovery, we also know how important it is to provide our carers with the support they need—and listen to their valuable perspectives.

In this video, Forensicare carer Kerry, shares her story about what it’s like to be a carer of a loved one in the forensic mental health system.

Thomas Embling Hospital: 20 years in the making

Twenty years ago, Thomas Embling Hospital officially opened its doors as Australia’s first purpose-built adult forensic mental health facility. Its opening marked a new era for Victorian mental health care services, with one simple vision: to provide holistic mental health care for people living with a mental illness who are engaged in the criminal justice system.

Celebrating our staff and their passion for what we do

Our staff are key to everything we do. We couldn’t provide the care we give to people living with a mental illness without their dedication.

Over the past 20 years since Thomas Embling Hospital’s opening, our staff have done an incredible job. But it’s not just our hospital staff: it’s all our staff—including those working in prisons, in the community, and in the courts system. Each and every one of our staff play a vital role. That’s why part two of our four-part video series celebrating the hospital’s 20th year is dedicated to you, our incredible staff.

Celebrating mental health recovery: sharing the voices of our consumers

Recovery is what we’re all about.  Whether it’s supporting someone to understand and manage their mental illness, helping someone to do the things they’ve never been able to do, or simply helping to get their life back on track, Forensicare is there. Living with a complex mental illness can be challenging. And that’s why we’re here to help the people caught in the interface between the mental health and criminal justice sectors.

Beyond Thomas Embling Hospital: Forensicare’s expansion across Victoria’s mental health system

There’s much more to Forensicare than Thomas Embling Hospital. Forensicare’s importance spans across the entire mental health and criminal justice system, from prison and community mental health services, to court support, and specialist area mental health advice. As the state’s leading provider of forensic mental health services, we make a difference to so many people’s lives—and that all stemmed from our original vision: to provide holistic mental health care to the vulnerable people who need it most.