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Mental Health Program Primary Consultations

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Consultations

Consultation and training is provided to support services working with people who have a serious mental illness and have offended, or are at risk of serious offending.

  • Primary Consultation
    Clients are assessed by a Forensicare psychiatrist, psychologist, or other forensic mental health clinician. Assessments generally take place at Forensicare’s Community Mental Health Service, however there is capacity for assessments to take place on inpatient units where clinically indicated. If a client is unable to attend due to distance, the assessment may be conducted by teleconferencing. A risk assessment is completed and a report forwarded to the referrer containing recommendations for the ongoing management of the client.
  • Secondary Consultation
    A secondary consultation involves a discussion, usually via telephone, between a Forensicare’s clinician and the referrer about a specific client. The client is not present during the consultation. The aim of the consultation discussion is to clarify pertinent issues and to provide advice about the client’s ongoing management. A secondary consultation may lead onto a primary consultation, if appropriate.
  • Tertiary Consultation
    Clinicians provide consultation regarding aspects of another service’s program. This may involve developing the skills of the professionals in the agency, or systemic advice on forensic mental health issues.