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Continuing Care Program

The Continuing Care Program assists patients gain and maintain an optimal level of independence and fulfilment over a specified period of time. Patients are engaged in a process of collaborative decision making that facilitates the recognition and utilisation of existing strengths, preserves good health and creates opportunities to grow and develop. The progress of patients through the units in the Continuing Care Program is based on the ongoing assessments conducted of all patients in the program.


Bass20 bedsMale, sub-acute unit in a high secure environment.
Canning20 bedsExtended and sub-acute care, supported living male unit in a high-medium secure environment.
Daintree20 bedsRehabilitation and independent living, mixed gender unit in a low-medium secure environment.
Jardine16 bedsIntensive rehabilitation and independent living, mixed gender unit in a low secure environment.

Continuing Care patients are assessed as requiring long-term care due to chronic symptomatology and/or behaviours that represent a risk to the community, together with patients whose mental state has been stabilised and who are assessed as ready to commence working towards reintegration into the community. Patients are generally forensic patients, sentenced prisoners or patients/prisoners ordered to be detained by the courts. Admission to the units is through referral to the Unit Manager and consultant psychiatrist, and is usually generated from within Thomas Embling Hospital.