Ravenhall Correctional Centre

The Ravenhall Correction Centre is currently under construction by the State Government and is due to be completed in late 2017. Located in Ravenhall in Melbourne’s West, the new medium-security men’s prison will provide world-class forensic mental health services in Victoria. Forensicare has been appointed to manage the provision of forensic mental health services in the new facility.

Ravenhall Prison Project

The new prison is being delivered as a Partnerships Victoria public private partnership, which will see the prison designed, built, operated and maintained by the GEO Consortium (GEO Group Australia, John Holland, Honeywell and Capella Capital).

The prison will initially accommodate 1,000 prisoners, with a built capacity for 1,300 prisoners should this be required in the future. Service delivery will focus on –

  • Prisoners with a mental illness
  • Prisoners with challenging behaviours
  • Younger prisoners
  • Indigenous prisoners
  • Prisoners serving shorter sentences
  • Providing pre and post release services and
  • Reducing recidivism

Ballerrt Yeram-boo-ee Forensic mental health service

Ballerrt Yeram-boo-ee (pronounced Balit Yerimboy), is the name of the forensic mental health service at Ravenhall Correctional Centre. Ballerrt Yeram-boo-ee is an Aboriginal name meaning ‘strong tomorrow’. The name was chosen by a Nevin Elder on behalf Wurundjeri Tribe Land and Compensation Cultural Heritage Council that represents the traditional people of the area where Ravenhall will be built.

The Ballerrt Yeram-boo-ee Forensicare Mental Health Service will provide 75 forensic mental health beds and a large outpatients program at the prison – a significant expansion of specialist services for mentally ill offenders in Victoria, and the largest prison-based forensic mental health service in Australia.

Service model at Ravenhall Correctional Centre

Ravenhall Correctional Centre will provide a uniquely integrated model of care. Forensicare is working closely with alliance partners to ensure that forensic mental health services are integrated with rehabilitation programs, social and educational activities and prisoner release programs. Forensic mental health services will be closely coordinated with the health services provided by Correct Care to ensure a holistic approach to prisoner healthcare needs.

The Forensicare services at Ravenhall Correctional Centre are being designed using contemporary recovery-oriented approaches to mental health service delivery. The features of a recovery-oriented approach are services based on individualised care with a focus on personal strengths, hope, choice and social inclusion.

The comprehensive suite of forensic mental health services provided at Ravenhall prison will include both inpatient and outpatient services as detailed below.

Inpatient Services

  • 25-bed Specialist Acute Inpatient Unit
  • 30-bed Specialist Sub-Acute Inpatient Unit
  • 10-bed residential service for prisoners with a mental illness who have complex and challenging behaviours
  • 10-bed cottage style accommodation for prisoners with enduring mental illness who are transitioning to the community

Outpatient Services for Prisoners

  • Initial reception assessments
  • ‘At risk’ and Mobile Crisis Assessment
  • Specialist Consultation
  • Intensive Case Management
  • Specialist Outreach Services

Community Integration Program

  • Pre- and post-release service for prisoners with mental illness who are at high risk of noncompliance with treatment post-release.

Service standards

The new forensic mental health beds will be located in a purpose-built facility developed to international best practice standards. The beds will significantly expand the capacity and scope of Forensicare, offering unique opportunities for staff to advance their professional skills in line with world-class clinical and mental health service provision.

The custom designed buildings at the prison will provide enhanced clinical pathways for patients requiring specialised forensic mental health services across the Victorian prison system. Staffed by a multidisciplinary team, this new service will include a large number of senior Forensicare nurses, allied health and medical staff.

Employment Opportunities

Forensicare is recruiting a large number of suitably qualified mental health nursing, allied health and medical staff across a range of classifications. Join an amazing team of professionals dedicated to providing therapeutic consumer-focused mental health care to those in the criminal justice system.

Opportunities are available for medical staff, nurses and allied health professionals with general and forensic mental health experience. A range of clinical education and management roles will also be available. Visit our current vacancies for further details.

More information

If you would like to receive updates about the forensic mental health services that will be operating at Ravenhall Correction Centre, details of the service model and the international recruitment program, please send an email to the Ravenhall Prison Project team: ravenhall@forensicare.vic.gov.au.

More information about the construction and services at Ravenhall Correctional Centre is available on the Department of Justice and Regulation’s website.