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Problem Behaviour Program

The Problem Behaviour Program provides psychiatric and psychological consultation and treatment for adults aged 18 years and over with a range of behaviours associated with offending and for whom services are not available elsewhere. The program is specifically directed at people known to have recently engaged in, or are at risk of engaging in, one or more problem behaviours, for example:

  • serious physical violence
  • threats to kill or harm others
  • stalking (repeated unwanted contact)
  • sexual offending, including adult sexual assault and rape
  • paedophilia
  • collection and possession of child pornography, including internet child pornography
  • fire-setting
  • querulous (vexatious) complainants.

The program provides primary and secondary and consultations, together with ongoing treatment for clients assessed as needing specialist forensic intervention.

Individuals may be referred as a condition of an order or parole. Alternatively, anyone may make a referral on behalf of another person, with their consent, or a person may self-refer.

More information

For more information download our Problem Behaviour Program brochure or telephone 9947 2500.