One carer's journey to forgiveness, Carers Week 2020

One carer’s journey to forgiveness

Reconnecting with your loved ones is never easy. But mum Leanne* knew it was exactly what she had to do. It had been years since she’d spoken to her daughter Sarah*—but in 2013, when health issues threatened her life, Leanne knew it was time to mend their bond. “I had this need to reconnect with my daughter,” Leanne said. “I had so many health issues and was in hospital close to death, where I’d experienced delusions of my own. It gave me a real insight [...]

Distinguished Professor James Ogloff announced as finalist for 2020 Australian Mental Health Prize

Forensicare’s Executive Director of Research and Psychological Services, Distinguished Professor James Ogloff AM, has been selected as a finalist for Australian Mental Health Prize, supported by the University of New South Wales. Professor Ogloff is among seven finalists selected for the 2020 Australian Mental Health prize, which recognises Australians who have made outstanding contributions to the promotion of mental health, as well as treatment and prevention of mental illness. “It is an honour to have been nominated, and an even bigger [...]

Sharing consumer voices. Mental health tips from consumers. Consumer mental health tips.

Sharing consumer voices: mental health tips and advice for recovery

When it comes to mental health recovery, lived experience is invaluable. That’s why we’re sharing consumer voices, and their mental health tips for recovery, as part of our four-part Mental Health Month celebrations. As people living with a serious mental illness, consumers across our services know how important mental wellbeing is—because they know what it’s like to experience ill mental health. At Forensicare, we champion not only the voices of consumers in our services—we champion the value of their lived experience, too. And if [...]

Thomas Embling Hospital's Apsley Unit has won the2020 Mental Health Design Award

Thomas Embling Hospital wins European Healthcare Design award

Apsley Unit at Thomas Embling Hospital has won the 2020 Mental Health Design Award category at the European Healthcare Design Awards. The prestigious award recognises professional excellence in innovative healthcare design that meets the needs of staff, as well as the needs of consumers. The design must also create an environment that supports ongoing therapy, care, and recovery, as well as appropriate levels of safety, security and supervision. “This is incredibly exciting news,” Forensicare CEO Dr Margaret Grigg said. “Apsley Unit has well and truly transformed our model [...]

Image reads: taking care of your mental health. Decision fatigue: what is it? how do we cope?

Decision fatigue: what is it and how do we cope?

Our last issue of the Ascent highlighted the exhaustion we are feeling as we move through the various stages of crisis fatigue. But there’s other things that are making us tired: decision fatigue. All of the tiny decisions that we have to make at the moment might be really taking a toll. This edition of the Ascent examines the concept of decision fatigue and why trying to figure out whether to have a muffin or a croissant with our skinny latte might [...]

Dr Tessa Maguire has been announced as the winner of the 2020 Christopher Webster Early Career Award for her efforts in forensic mental health nursing practice and research

Dr Tessa Maguire wins 2020 Christopher Webster Early Career Award

A deserving recipient, Dr Tessa Maguire has been announced as the winner of the 2020 Christopher Webster Early Career Award for her efforts in forensic mental health nursing practice and research. The Christopher Webster Early Career Award is a great honour, recognising Dr Christopher Webster and his contributions to violence risk assessment. Each year, one deserving forensic mental health professional is awarded the honour for their contributions to the field, recognising excellence early in their career. “I feel absolutely honoured to win such an award,” said Tessa, a Senior [...]

Image reads: the Ascent, taking care of your mental health. This focuses on the mental health impacts of wearing masks during COVID-19.

Connecting and Communicating From Behind the Mask

This year has been a crash course in learning how to connect in new and creative ways. First, it was connecting via virtual means when touch and physical proximity was reduced during COVID-19. Now, over the past few weeks we have had to learn how to form connections whilst half of our face is covered by a mask. Then add to that, for healthcare workers, the introduction of protective eye wear. We need to do this for the safety of ourselves [...]