Mobile forensic mental health service celebrates fifth birthday

Forensicare’s Mobile Forensic Mental Health Service turns 5

Last week, the Mobile Forensic Mental Health Service celebrated its fifth birthday. Congratulations to the team on this milestone! On 19 January 2020, the Mobile Forensic Mental Health Service celebrated its fifth birthday. Created to address the mental health needs of men in prison with complex needs, the multidisciplinary team began accepting referrals five years ago. While primarily based at the Metropolitan Remand Centre, the team also provides satellite services at Barwon Prison, Marngoneet Correctional Centre, and Karreenga. The team also provides transitional [...]

Celebrating mental health nurse practitioners with Forensicare's Nurse Practitioner Program

Ten years on: celebrating our mental health nurse practitioners

Every day is a new and exciting challenge for Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Courtney Dunn. It’s a complex role in a complex environment, but Courtney wouldn’t have it any other way. “Our days vary quite a bit,” said Courtney. “Professionally, it’s a great role to be in because you get to work independently, while still being attached to a team.” As a nurse practitioner with Forensicare at the Melbourne Assessment Prison, Courtney’s day might include anything from complex case management, advanced assessment and interventions, and [...]

Finding hope in a hopeless place: battling mental health in prison

Peer worker Glenn Broome helps prisoners find hope in Forensicare’s Ballerrt Yeram-boo-ee Forensic Mental Health Service at the Ravenhall Correctional Centre—and it can be as simple as a cup of coffee, and a chat with someone who cares. After half a lifetime of battling his own mental health demons, Glenn Broome was determined to help others find hope. “The early stages of my life had to mean more than just a bad experience,” Glenn said. “I wanted to help the people who [...]

Forensicare senior health clinician tackles mental health stigma

Tackling stigma and saving lives: Forensicare’s Mental Health Advice and Response Service

No single day is the same for Senior Mental Health Clinician Christian Bimbola Ogbah. As part of his role in Forensicare’s Mental Health Advice and Response Service (MHARS) team at Ringwood Magistrates’ Court, Christian helps some of society’s most vulnerable people—that is, people who are engaged with the justice system and live with a mental illness. “I can see anywhere from four to ten clients per day,” Christian said. Sometimes, Christian’s clients—whether they be referred from Corrections Victoria, the Magistrates’ courts, or walk-ins—have [...]

Forensicare's Ballerrt Yeram-boo-ee forensic mental health service at Ravenhall Correctional Centre celebrates its second birthday.

Ballerrt Yeram-boo-ee service celebrates second birthday

On Monday 13 November in 2017, Forensicare’s Ballerrt Yeram-boo-ee forensic mental health service at the Ravenhall Correctional Centre welcomed its first two patients. Now, two years on, we take the time to celebrate the achievements of our incredible team. But what is Ballerrt Yeram-boo-ee? Meaning “strong tomorrow” in the language of the local Wurundjeri people, Ballerrt Yeram-boo-ee is a 75-bed forensic mental health service, helping male prisoners with a mental illness at the Ravenhall Correctional Centre. The service provides both inpatient and outpatient [...]

What is forensic psychology? Forensicare celebrates forensic psychologists by answering: what is forensic psychology?

Why forensic psychology matters

In celebration of Psychology Week 2019, we delve into what forensic psychology is, who benefits from it, and why it matters. Forensic psychology is often a misunderstood area of forensic mental health. Contrary to mainstream portrayal, it’s not about getting inside people’s minds; the reality is far more simple. It’s about using psychology to support people with mental health issues who are in the criminal justice system, or at risk of entering it. “The role of a forensic psychologist is really [...]

Forensic occupational therapy: transforming lives of those who need it most

Occupational therapy is all about helping people be the best version of themselves—and forensic occupational therapy is no different. What is forensic occupational therapy? Forensic occupational therapy helps people living with a mental illness do the things they need to in order to live healthier, more enriching, more satisfying lives.  “I believe everyone deserves to do the things they need to do to feel like themselves,” Forensicare Chief Occupational Therapist Marissa Davidson-Blue said. “In forensic mental health, we’re often working with people who haven’t had a very good [...]

2018-2019 Annual Report

Forensicare’s 2018-2019 Annual Report now available

Tabled yesterday in Victorian Parliament, our 2018-2019 Annual Report is now available. Providing an overview of our achievements over the last 12 months, our 2018-2019 Annual Report highlights major service expansions to meet the increased demand for forensic mental health services in Victoria. These include: The opening of the Apsley Unit in Thomas Embling HospitalRefurbishment of the Marrmak Unit at the Dame Phyllis Frost CentreRefurbishment of the Acute Assessment Unit at Metropolitan Assessment Prison We’d like to thank our staff, carers and [...]

Forensicare's Hepatitis Victoria Award

Forensicare wins 2019 Hepatitis Victoria Organisational Collaboration Award

Earlier this week, Forensicare was announced as the winner of Hepatitis Victoria’s 2019 Organisational Collaboration award. The award recognises health organisations that make a significant impact to reducing the prevalence of hepatitis in Victoria, while maximising the well-being of those living with viral hepatitis. The award also recognises collaboration with Hepatitis Victoria. Forensicare’s Infection Prevention and Control team secured the award for its efforts in minimising the risk and reducing the harm of hepatitis at Thomas Embling Hospital. “This is a fantastic, [...]