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The New Normal: Navigating Ongoing Life During COVID-19

The New Normal: navigating everyday life during COVID-19. Written by Lead Occupational Therapist Lorrae Mynard.

The New Normal: Navigating Ongoing Life During COVID-19

After COVID-19, our world will never be quite the same again. That’s why Lead Occupational Therapist Lorrae Mynard created The New Normal: Navigating Ongoing Life During COVID-19.

The guide, which was created in partnership with Occupational Therapy Australia, encourages readers to view the disruption of the pandemic as an opportunity to reflect.

“As restrictions—for some areas—began to ease, I realised that people were facing new kinds of challenges to everyday life,” Lorrae said.

“I wanted to create a guide that offered ideas for managing daily life, as well as encouraging people to reflect and to be mindful (rather than reactive) in making choices about how they live.”

How the New Normal can help us all

Disruption and change is uncomfortable. But by taking the time to reflect and think about what we’ve learnt and experienced, we can make the best of a challenging situation.

The New Normal provides suggestions and questions to prompt thinking about aspects of our lives, including our roles, routines, productivity, self-care, leisure and spaces.

“I want people to consider the roles and activities they might stop, start or continue as restrictions (eventually) ease,” Lorrae said.

“My hope is that it will be a useful prompt for reflection and planning as we continue to navigate these strange times.”

Normal life has been disrupted

With parts of Victoria now thrust back into lockdown, Lorrae’s first book Normal life has been disrupted: managing the disruption caused by COVID-19—released earlier this year—is more apt than ever.

“Normal life has been disrupted will be of particular use to people in Melbourne at this time, as it focusses on managing life during stay-at-home restrictions.”

“It provides people with practical ideas to help manage the disruptions caused by COVID-19 in our daily lives.”

Translated in languages across the globe, the book’s success reinforced the need—and impact—that specialised resources, written in everyday language, could have for the general population.

“It’s been fantastic to see the guide’s success. I hope the New Normal can provide the same benefits as many of us shift into our new reality.”

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