Prato 2019: now seeking abstracts for this year’s conference

Prato 2019: now seeking abstracts for this year’s conference

We invite you to submit abstracts for the Prato 2019 conference: Working with violence in adults and youth.  

The Centre for Behavioural Science‘s annual Prato conference is now seeking abstract submissions. Bringing together a variety of professionals, this conference will explore violence from a cross-disciplinary perspective. It will feature  views from policy makers, lawyers, clinicians, legal decision-makers, advocates, as well as researchers and academics.

Held in Prato, Italy, the conference will focus on clinical, welfare and legal strategies to intervene and prevent violent behaviour.

Call for abstracts

Do you work in an industry that explores violence? We welcome you to submit abstracts, either in paper, symposium or countable discussion form.

Topics you might explore

Particular attention will be given to:

  • Understanding violence and offending
  • Exploring youth violence and anti-social behaviour
  • Family violence and child welfare
  • Gender and cultural effects
  • Legal reforms for managing violence
  • Offending programs
  • Approaches to omitting violence
  • Mental illness, trauma, substance misuse and violence
  • Risk, intervention, diversion and decarceration policies

The conference will offer many opportunities for cross-national dialogue, with keynote speakers, papers, and round-table forums to address the conference’s themes.


Call for abstracts close 30 May, 2019.

Templates and guidelines can be found here.

More information

For more information, visit Swinburne’s Prato page, or email the CFBS team.

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