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Announcing our Strategic Plan 2021-26

Announcing our Strategic Plan 2021-26

Forensicare is proud to announce the launch of our Strategic Plan 2021-26. The next five years will be a period of exciting growth and development at Forensicare, and the Strategic Plan 2021-26 clearly details our purpose, vision, objectives and priorities, outlining a roadmap for how we move forward as an organisation.

Watch the video to learn more about our Strategic Plan 2021-26.

The Strategic Plan 2021-26 is the result of hard work by many people. We consulted widely with staff, executive, the board, as well as consumers, carers, families, supporters, service delivery partners and other organisations. The plan is also informed by feedback from an expert advisory panel and the findings and recommendations of the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System.

Our purpose specifically defines what we do, ensuring our focus is clear.

Empower recovery for all Victorian’s living with mental illness who are at risk of entering, or have entered the justice system, to lead safe and meaningful lives free from offending.

Our vision inspires us every day.

Meaningful lives led safely.

Hope in recovery.

Connected care.

Our purpose and vision are supported by four strategic directions: consumer recovery pathway, connections and partnerships, workplace of choice, and research, education and innovation. These strategic directions detail our objectives and priorities over the next five years, and together with the Model of Care 2021-26, position Forensicare to not only achieve, but exceed our vision.

Dr Margaret Grigg, CEO, said, ‘I’m thrilled to be announcing the release of Forensicare’s Strategic Plan 2021-26. It was a truly collaborative process with broad consultation. The resulting plan is a clear and detailed roadmap for our organisation. It will enable us to deliver the best care to our consumers, support and develop our staff, improve how we work with our partners and across our services, and prepare our organisation to grow and develop. The next five years will be a time of extraordinary growth for Forensicare. I look forward to working with our passionate and dedicated staff to deliver our vision.’

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