Taking part in building a better mental health system

Taking part in building a better mental health system

The Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to design a mental health system that recognises the needs of forensicare consumers. All forensic consumers deserve access to care that is humane, safe, respectful of their rights, supportive of individual needs, facilitates recovery, and is provided in the least restrictive way. 

Recently, witness statements from Forensicare Executive Director of Clinical Services Danny Sullivan and Board Director Sue Williams have been released and added to the RCVMHS website. Both statements speak to their area of expertise and experience within the mental health and justice system. 

Witness Statements from our CEO Margaret Grigg, and Executive Director of Strategy, Planning and Performance, Shaymaa Elkadi were released a few weeks ago, with a further statement from our Executive Director of Research and Psychological Services, Professor James Ogloff AM, to be released in the coming weeks. 

The RCVMHS is currently collecting witness statements from service providers, academic institutions, government officials, and individuals from a broad range of fields.  The witness statements will be used to inform the design of a responsive and contemporary mental health system. 

Forensicare welcomed the announcement of the Royal Commission in Victoria’s Mental Health System and we continue to be active and honest participants.  As the only specialist forensic mental health provider in Victoria, with services spanning both the mental health and criminal justice sectors, we have a unique perspective to share.  

A focus on consumer voices

This month, the Royal Commission will be meeting with members of the Forensicare Consumer Advisory Group. This is an important and exciting opportunity for consumers to talk about their experience in the forensic mental system and offer insights into how we can improve the design of the mental health system more broadly. 

For more information about the RCVMHS, please visit the Commission’s website

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