Gold award for Enhancing Police Responses to Family Violence team

Gold award for Enhancing Police Responses to Family Violence team

Congratulations to our Forensicare staff who have been recognised for their contribution to the Enhancing Police Responses to Family Violence Project.

With our partners at Victoria Police and Swinburne University, Forensicare is the proud recipient of a Gold award in the 2017 Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Awards announced yesterday at Parliament House in Canberra for the Enhancing Police Responses to Family Violence Project.

This initiative has seen our forensic psychologists embedded within several police family violence teams and the development of an evidence based risk assessment tool to uplift police capacity to respond to family violence and improve outcomes for victims.

This great result is a tribute to the dedication and professionalism of all the staff involved from all agencies. The Forensicare Executive acknowledge and thank:

  • Dr Melisa Wood, Dr Margaret Cutajar, Dr Diana Talevski, and Dr Narda Arndt who have provided outstanding services for this project
  • the leadership of Jonathan Norton, Executive Director Community Operations and Strategic Development in integrating the new project with our existing community based work
  • the fantastic collaboration with Swinburne University Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science, especially Dr Troy McEwen, Dr Ben Spivak and Professor Jim Ogloff who have led the project and are building the evidence base for effective police responses to improve outcomes for victims of family violence.

For more information visit the Australian Institute of Criminology’s website or download their media release.

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