Celebrating our social workers this World Social Work Day 2020

World Social Work Day, celebrating our social workers in forensic mental health at Forensicare

Celebrating our social workers this World Social Work Day 2020

Today is World Social Work Day!

Celebrated on 17 March, World Social Work Day is an opportunity to celebrate our incredible social workers, and recognise their work as champions for social justice, self-determination and human rights.

The 2020 theme for World Social Work day is Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships. At Forensicare, our social work team are passionate advocates for consumer care and positive outcomes. Their invaluable work sees the importance of recognising human relationships, social justice and positive consumer outcomes. Promoting the importance of human relationships is a particularly pertinent focus in these challenging times.

So this World Social Work day (and every day!) say hey to your unit social worker–and acknowledge the sometimes-hidden, but often life-changing contribution social workers make.

Social Work at Forensicare

The social work team at Forensicare continues to move from strength to strength. A decade ago, our social work team featured only 15 social workers. Today, we are lucky to have over 40 social workers across the organisation.

Forensicare social workers play a pivotal role in system navigation, resource identification and facilitation, group and individual mental health and well-being, bio-social and risk assessments, challenging stigmatising and oppressive systems, as well as championing the human rights of consumers and their carers and families.

Our social workers hold the cultural, social and emotional well-being portfolio, and have co-produced allyship with our lived experience workforce over the years.

Social Work Month

Each year, Social Work Month is celebrated across the globe to recognise the important work of social workers worldwide. Later this month, we’ll be featuring Social Worker Sarah Harvey, and her journey at to Forensicare.

Stay tuned!

Looking for a career as a social worker in forensic mental health? Check out our Work With Us page for our latest job opportunities.

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