Enhanced Forensic Consultation Program

The Enhanced Forensic Consultation Program (EFCP) is a new initiative funded by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). It aims to support Community Correctional Services (CCS) and Mental Health Services in the management of individuals who have a serious mental illness/disorder (SMI) and complex needs, including a history of serious violent and/or sexual offending.

Program aims

The EFCP program targets Community Corrections clients who are either not currently engaged with Area Mental Health Services (AMHS) or where engagement is problematic. Individuals to be considered for referral will be those who are currently thought to pose a high risk of further serious offending.

A key aim of the EFCP is to provide forensic mental health assessments and facilitate access to the mental health sector for eligible offenders currently on an order supervised by Community Corrections. Referrals to the EFCP can only be made by Community Corrections staff. A client does not require a condition placed on their order to be eligible for referral.

Program eligibility

Referrals to the EFCP should be made by Community Corrections Services when a client is a serious violent and/or sexual offender experiencing a SMI. Eligible offenders are a very high risk group of violent and/or sexual offenders with a SMI who are not adequately engaged in treatment of their mental illness.

Referral criteria for the EFCP:

  • Serious Violent and/or Sexual Offending History
  • Currently rated as High Risk as per risk assessment tools
  • Likely presence of Serious Mental Illness/Disorder
  • Engagement in mental health treatment problematic, poor or non-existent
  • Planned or current involvement with CCS (Parole or Court Stream). Clients must have a minimum of 3 months left on their order in order to enable time for an EFCP assessment and feedback to be provided.

The EFCP does not provide primary treatment of offenders.

More information

For more information about the EFCP contact:

EFCP Co‚Äźordinator
Community Forensic Mental Health Service
505 Hoddle Street, Clifton Hill Victoria 3068
Telephone: 9947 2500