COVID-19: Important information for visitors to Forensicare.

Information for Contractors

As the state-wide specialist provider of forensic mental health services in Victoria, Forensicare is heavily dependent on the professionalism, reliability and expertise of our contractor network to enable us to deliver on our purpose and strategic objectives of meaningful lives led safely, hope in recovery and connected  care. 

Our Infrastructure and Site Services team (ISS) is responsible for all of Forensicare’s capital and maintenance works delivery.  To contact the ISS team –

Office Hours: 7:30am – 4:00pm, Monday to Friday 
T: +61 3 9495 9169  

Other key contacts when working onsite –

Infrastructure Coordinator T: 03 9495 9415 
Clinical Administration T: 03 9495 9156 
Security Control Room T: 03 9495 9108 

Our Expectations


Contractors have a responsibility to themselves, their family and fellow workers to ensure compliance with site safety and legislative requirements. All contractors involved in construction and maintenance are expected to familiarise themselves with the information provided below, and to adhere to Forensicare expectations at all times. Failure to do so could put any current and future work with Forensicare at risk.  As an employee or contractor working here you must ensure:  
  •  you have been properly briefed on the work that you will be doing and have the correct equipment to do your work  
  • you have been fully trained on how to do your work in a safe manner and are fully across your company’s OHS manuals, policies and procedures 
  • you act in a manner that promotes and provides for the safety of yourself, fellow employees, contractors, patients and the general public.  


Forensicare is committed to providing a discrimination and harassment free work environment for all. All contractors are expected to behave professionally, with respect and consideration of others.     Offensive behaviour will not be tolerated – specifically:  
  • bullying towards anyone at the site;  
  • any behaviour and/or language that reinforces inappropriate, demeaning or discriminatory attitudes or assumptions about persons based on age, race, sex, disability, sexual orientation, transgender status, or marital status; and   
  • behaviour such as unsolicited remarks of a sexual nature, whistling and swearing.  
It is important noise near buildings is kept to a minimum so not to disrupt or agitate patients, staff or visitors. Therefore, music and radios are not permitted.


It is important you do not wear loose clothing, slippers, jewellery or other items of apparel that might interfere with safety.    Footwear is to be worn at all times and personal protection equipment (if required) used.     Shirts (or other clothing items) using language or concepts that could be considered offensive are not to be worn.  This also applies to stickers and advertising materials that may be attached to toolboxes, ladders etc.  


Forensicare is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on  Forensicare grounds including inside the hospital wall or anywhere on the hospital property.  Smoking is only permitted outside of the property boundaries, Fairlea Road or at the front of Yarra Bend Road.


Forensicare is required to be fully compliant with the following Acts and Regulations for all works that occur at Thomas Embling Hospital.   The Acts ensure that we are respectful to, do not disturb and if the discovery of any items that are suspected of possibly being of Aboriginal Heritage or Heritage significance that works cease immediately and we notify the Council as soon as possible.  There are significant individual penalties of which will be payable by you and/or your employer for non-compliance with the Acts. It is strongly recommended that all Contractors familiarise themselves with the above.  Should any items be discovered as a result of your works at Thomas Embling Hospital that fall within categories mentioned within the Acts, stop work immediately and notify the Head of Infrastructure and Site Services.  


To maintain a high level of safety and care for everyone, Contractors are asked to familiarise themselves with the following Forensicare COVID-19 requirements  

COVID Safe Plan 

Contractors are strongly recommended to have a COVID Safe Plan to satisfy Forensicare that everything possible to being done to be COVID Safe. 

If you have a COVID Safe Plan to provide services to the health care industry or similar, we ask you to submit this with your contactor registration. 

Having a COVID Safe Plan may become a mandatory requirement, so we advise contractors that have yet to provide us with one to update us regularly on your plans status. 


The Victorian State Government has advised that all who work in healthcare must be vaccinated against COVID-19. These health directions cover all Forensicare employees, volunteers, students, and our contractors.

The now mandated vaccination requirements are as follows:

  • by 15 December 2021: you must be fully vaccinated
  • workers eligible to receive an additional COVID-19 vaccine by 12 January 2022 are now required to receive a COVID-19 third dose vaccine by 12 March 2022
  • any of those workers who have not received a third dose by 12 February 2022, must, by 12 February 2022, provide evidence of a book to receive their COVID-19 third dose by 12 March 2022, otherwise they cannot work
  • by 12 March 2022, all healthcare workers eligible to receive their COVID-19 third dose vaccine must provide evidence of their COVID-19 third dose vaccination status, or a medical exemption by authorised medical practitioner to be able to come to work.

Entering Forensicare 

Please use the QR code at Building A (Reception) prior to entering the building for COVID screening. Your temperature will be taken and if it is 37.5 degrees or greater, unfortunately you will not be able to stay on site and will be asked to self-isolate and get tested. 

This QR code is in addition to the LinkSafe Contractor (trade) QR code that you are also required to scan for site sign in/out and compliance purposes. 

Have symptoms? 

If you have any of the following symptoms, please stay at home, self-isolate and get tested: 

  • fever, chills or sweat, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, loss or change in sense of smell or taste 
  • headache, myalgia, stuffy nose, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.


There may be times Forensciare requires contractors to undertake a Covid test as a condition of entry to our sites. This is to ensure the health and safety of our staff and consumers.  

If you test positive (whether from a Forensicare conducted test, or elsewhere), you and/or your employer must notify the Head of Infrastructure and Site Services immediately and provide details to WorkSafe. WS – Covid Form Unauthenticated ( 

For the most up to date COVID19 health alerts please visit:  Coronavirus (COVID-19) health alert | Australian Government Department of Health 

General Access, Facilities and Parking

ID card and keys  

Contractors are responsible and accountable for the safekeeping, proper use and safe return of their keys upon exiting the site.  

In the event of loss of keys and/or identification, the loss must be reported immediately to security staff and the nurse in charge if you are in a unit and a search of the area must be initiated. 

Lanyards are to be worn around your neck at all times while inside the hospital secure perimeter and keys are to be carried as inconspicuously as possible, using the chain or cord provided to securely fast key to belt or clothing. 

You are not to leave keys unattended at any time. 

If unable to find the lost keys and/or lanyard, Clinical Administration and the Head of Infrastructure and Site Services must be notified immediately.  

Note you may be asked to provide an Incident report.  


Forensicare has restrictions on mobile telephones being brought onsite. However, the use of Thomas Embling Hospital telephones by Contractors is permitted but only for business purposes. In some instances, Contractors may carry their phones with them with approval from the Head of Infrastructure and Site Services.     

Toilet facilities are available in most areas. Speak to Thomas Embling Hospital staff to ascertain the closest toilet that is available to you. Patient bathrooms are not to be used at any time.    

There is a kiosk available in the Recreation Building for purchase of hot food, sandwiches, cold drinks and coffee.  Contractors can use this facility they would like.  


Contractors may park their vehicles in the public car park at the front of Thomas Embling Hospital.

Signing In and Out of Site

All contractors involved in construction and maintenance must register their attendance each day by signing in on arrival and out on departure using a dedicated contractor QR code.

There are QR codes specifically for contractor (trades) use located across Thomas Embling Hospital grounds. They can be found at:

  • Infrastructure and Site Services prefab
  • Reception
  • Night entry
  • Stores
  • Tools workshop (inside hospital grounds).

Just scan the QR code when you arrive or leave our site, and the system will walk you through your check in and out.

Any Contractor attending site outside of normal business hours shall also report to Clinical Administration upon arrival and prior to departing site.  Clinical Administration is onsite 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Contractor Pre-Qualification and Induction

We have a compulsory induction process for all contractors working at our sites.

You will not be able to work at Forensicare without having a completed induction,  and with supporting and current documents and credentials uploaded, sighted and approved by us.

All contracting companies must complete Pre-Qualification and provide us with all relevant insurance certificates and OHS information.  New contracting companies to Forensicare will receive an invitation from us to complete Pre-Qualification within our Contractor Management System.  For more information on how to Pre-Register your company can be found here Pre-Register and Induct your Company and Staff [for New Contractors]

Contracted workers are to complete an online induction and provide us with any trade credentials and ID requirements.

As an employee of a contracting company, you will be invited to complete our induction by your employer.

We look forward to welcoming you on board.

Information specific to our Cleaners and Caterers

Signing In and Out of Site

All Cleaners and Caterers attending site must register their attendance each day by signing in on arrival and out on departure using a dedicated contractor QR code.

There are QR codes specifically for contractor use located across Thomas Embling Hospital grounds. They can be found at:

  • Infrastructure and Site Services prefab
  • Reception
  • Night entry
  • Stores
  • Tools workshop (inside hospital grounds).

Just scan the QR code when you arrive or leave our site, and the system will walk you through your check in and out.

Any Cleaners and Caterers attending site outside of normal schedules shifts shall also report to Clinical Administration upon arrival and prior to departing site. Clinical Administration is onsite 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Additional Induction Requirements

Cleaners and Caterers will also be required to participate in an additional induction provided by our Procurement and Logistics team. During this induction you will be provided with further information specific to cleaners and caterers working onsite, a demonstration on how to use your duress alarm, how to report your attendance into each unit and how to interact with patients.

Point of Contact at Forensicare

Contact our Procurement and Logistics Team
Office Hours: 8:00am – 4:00pm
T: +61 3 9495 9112

Police Checks

All contractors (including their employees and sub-contractors) working at Forensicare are required to hold a current Police Check.

Police checks are to be provided as part of your induction and is to be uploaded with your credentials. We require contractors to provide updated police checks every 12 months.

Request a Permit

Our ‘Permit to Work’ (PTW) system has been designed to control the risks applicable to specific activities of contractors on our sites.

A permit must be sought when any high-risk work is to be carried out including, but not limited to, any work in a confined space, demolition, excavation, hot works, isolation, and working at heights.

It is your responsibility to ensure that permits are applied for in advance of works commencing. Please submit any permit requests 3 working days’ prior to when needed.

To request a permit, please follow our Request a Permit to Work process.

In the instances where permits need to be requested whilst on site (e.g., for emergency works), you can do so by following our Request an Emergency Permit to Work process.

Safety and Emergency Information

Fires and Fire Emergencies  

The Fire Detection System installed throughout Thomas Embling Hospital utilises a combination of smoke and thermal detection devices.  These devices can at times be triggered by work that generates dust, smoke, or sparks.  

It is your responsibility to:   

  • check the area(s) in which you are working to check there are no smoke and/or thermal detection devices in those.   You are to be mindful in this assessment of detection devices that nearby devices may still be affected by dust, smoke or sparks and ensure that the relevant detection devices are completely covered. Detector covers are available from Infrastructure and Site Services and must be fitted prior to any works being conducted. 
  • obtain and complete a Fire Impairment and Isolation Permit to allow for any  smoke,  thermal or sprinkler fire detection/suppression devices prior to any works being undertaken.

At the conclusion of works, you are to follow the necessary process to have the previously isolated detection devices put back into normal service operation mode and the Fire Impairment Permit discharged.  

Note that the Contracting Company will be liable for any costs associated with the Fire Service attending site for any false alarm activations.  

Code Red (Fire Emergencies)  

A Fire Emergency could occur in the hospital at any time. It is important you familiarise yourself with the location of any firefighting equipment such as extinguishers, hose reels and know the location of any fire exits.    

Should the fire alarm activate you are to immediately report to the Local Emergency Officer (LEO) in the Staff Station and await further instruction / evacuate as advised by Local Emergency Officer (LEO) . 

On hearing this alarm all contract staff are required to ensure there are no other persons in the immediate area they are leaving (i.e. in roof space) and immediately report to the Local Emergency Officer (LEO) in the Staff Station and await further instruction.  

Contractors whose work may generate dust or smoke –relevant permits must be obtained p prior to the commencement of work.    

Failure to do so may result in the contracting company being liable for expenses associated with Fire Service call outs.  

Fire Extinguishers   

Portable fire equipment is installed throughout the hospital and are to be used for small, minor fires in the early development stages and to control or extinguish a fire, prior to the arrival of fire services.  

Please refer to the types of extinguishers on site and in which specific circumstances they can be used here. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with this content before arriving on site.    

It is important that fire equipment is not tampered with. Misuse of the fire equipment will result in permanent removal from the hospital and all associated cost for rectification being sought from the entity responsible. 

Please refer here to the types of extinguishers on site and in which specific circumstances they can be used. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with this content before arriving on site.    

Other Emergencies  

Code Blue (Medical Emergencies)  

A Medical Emergency is defined as an incident where you or someone else requires urgent medical attention.   

In the event of a Medical Emergency:  

  • activate your personal duress alarm 
  • stay with the patient until clinical staff arrive
  • Follow instructions of clinical staff.  

Code Black or Code Grey (Psychiatric Emergencies)  

A Psychiatric Emergency is an event in which an individual is behaving in a way that represents significant risk to the safety of that individual and/or others in their environment.  

In the event of a Psychiatric Emergency:  

  • Activate your personal duress alarm.  
  • Follow instructions of clinical staff on their arrival.  

Code Orange (Emergency Evacuation)  

  • Report immediately to the Local Emergency Officer (LEO) in the Staff Station and follow instructions.    

First Aid 

If you witness a first aid emergency, locate the closest member of staff to seek first aid facilities and/or emergency services assistance as required.  

If you require First Aid treatment, if able, contact the nearest member of staff and report to the Infrastructure and Site Services office.   

If you are injured and unable to move from your location as a result of your injuries:    

  • Contact the Security Control Room via two-way radio on Channel 1;   
  • Press your Personal Duress Alarm; or   
  • Telephone the Security Control Room on 03 9495 9108 (Extension 108).  

Please ensure your report any injuries by following our Report an OHS Accident or Incident process.

Report an Accident or Incident

All injuries (no matter how minor), hazards and near misses must be reported to our Infrastructure and Site Services team as soon as possible after the incident – but no more than 24 hours after the occurrence. Prompt reporting, recording and investigation of the incident assists in ensuring the ongoing safety of all individuals by preventing a repeat occurrence.

Please follow our reporting processes:

Please note you may be requested to participate in an incident investigation, if one is required.

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets (SDS/MSDS) (created by the chemical manufacturer) provide information about a substance or mixture for use in workplace chemical management.  

All contractors must hold any/all necessary SDS as required based on the task undertaken. Forensicare may request to see these at any time. 

Compliments and Complaints

Your feedback is important to us. Not only does it help us improve but lets us know when we’re doing a great job!

Should you wish to provide any feedback or want to let us know you’ve enjoyed doing business with us, please email us at