Evaluation of a new Forensic Mental Health Operating Model: The Ravenhall Prison Project

Investigators: James Ogloff, Rachael Fullam, Marcus Sellars

Rationale and Aims:

  • Due for completion in late 2017, the new medium security men’s prison at Ravenhall will provide world-class forensic mental health services in Victoria.
  • Forensicare will manage the provision of forensic mental health services at the facility including 75 forensic mental health beds and a large and varied specialist outpatients program.
  • This project aims to examine the available evidence-base for the proposed new forensic mental health services and the efficacy of these services as they are implemented over time.


  • A review of the empirical literature regarding measures for triaging persons at risk of acute mental health episodes, improving medication compliance among prisoners, using intensive case management in mental health outpatient settings and preventing suicide and self-harm in forensic settings.
  • Data linkage between Forensicare service delivery and Department of Justice database.
  • Semi-structured interviews with mental health professionals and patients regarding perspectives and experiences of mental health treatment in forensic settings.