Evaluating the introduction of the Safewards model and interventions to a medium to long-term forensic mental health unit

Investigators: Brian McKenna, Tessa Maguire, Jo Ryan, Rachael Fullam

Rationale and aims:

The study aims to evaluate the impact of Safewards on Canning unit by:

  • Using audit survey data that is routinely collected from staff and patients about ward atmosphere
  • Identifying to what extent ward atmosphere and perceptions are changed as a result of the introduction of the Safewards model and the ten interventions
  • Determining if rates of conflict and containment reduce after the introduction of Safewards
  • Disseminating the findings in referred journals and at conferences.


The following three sets of data will be collected

  1. Data related to incidents of conflict and containment
  2. Data related to the ward atmosphere (EssenCES)
  3. Data related to the implementation of the Safewards interventions (Fidelity checks)

These data will be collected in order to evaluate the impact that the introduction of Safewards might have on reducing conflict and containment, the ward atmosphere and the degree to which it has been implemented.