Forensic Mental Health Research Projects

The following table to provides details about forensic mental health research currently being undertaken or recently completed at Forensicare and the Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science:

Recently completed projects:

Research project
Project type

Hannah Wilson

Supervisors: Marissa Davidson-Blue, Ian Davey, Louise Farnsworth


Projects in progress:

Research project
Project type

James Ogloff, Michael Daffern, Jeffrey Pfeifer, Jason Skues, Alfie Oliva, Rachel Ownes, Dennis Roach (G4S)

Grant funded – Australian Research Council Linkage Grant 2014 – 2017 ($778,000)

Forensicare service evaluation. Funded by Justice Health, Department of Justice & Regulation ($229,525)

Jamie O’Donahoo

Supervisor: Janette Simmonds


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For a full list of our current publications please take a look at our Forensicare and CFBS Annual Research Report.

For more information about our research projects contact

Dr Rachael Fullam
Research Lead and Development Officer
Ph: +61 3 9947 2623