Research governance

Research Governance at Forensicare

Research coordination and governance at Forensicare is achieved through a hierarchical structure of two committees and a number of key policies, agreements and organisational documents.

Board Research Committee

The Forensicare Board is responsible for ensuring effective and accountable systems are in place for research governance and that high quality research is undertaken to inform clinical practice, consistent with Forensicare’s strategic objectives. The Research Committee’s role is to assist the Board to fulfil its research governance responsibilities. The Research Committee is responsible for

  • providing broad oversight of research strategy and forward planning
  • ensuring that Forensicare has an appropriate research governance framework
  • monitoring compliance with the research governance framework and organisational policies regarding research and related activities
  • identifying and assisting contact with suitable funding organisations such as foundations, to support the achievement of strategic research goals
  • supporting the dissemination of research outcomes to key contacts within state and federal government and non-government bodies.

Operational Research Committee

The Operational Research Committee supports the Research Committee by providing a formal structure for developing and monitoring research across the organisation. The key responsibilities of the ORC include

  • development and implementation of the Strategic Research Plan
  • providing oversight to research activity within the organisation
  • development and implementation of research governance policies and guidelines
  • identification of service evaluation priorities
  • development of mechanisms to engage Forensicare staff in research
  • development of mechanisms to disseminate research findings and to ensure translation for use within Forensicare

The ORC acts as the main gateway for researchers wishing to gain operational approval to conduct research involving Forensicare staff, patients or resources. The ORC reviews all grant applications and research proposals in order to establish operational support for the project before they are submitted to an external Human Research Ethics Committee for approval. In addition, the RCC monitors the receipt of ethical approval for each operationally approved study, and reviews the progress of each approved project against their specified milestones. You can find more information about making an application to conduct research at Forensicare here.