Research & education

Led by Professor James R.P. Ogloff AM, the Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science (CFBS) is Australasia’s leading centre for excellence in the areas of forensic mental health and forensic behavioural science research, teaching and practice development.

What is forensic behavioural science?

Forensic behavioural science concerns how individual characteristics interact with the environment to produce criminal behaviour, and what might be done to prevent such behaviour. It also concerns the way in which offenders are identified and managed by law enforcement, courts and criminal justice systems.

Our aims

The aims of the CFBS include:

  • understanding, predicting, and ultimately reduce offending and violence by people with mental illness or problem behaviours; and
  • improving the legal system through empirical research and policy analysis.

Our work

The CFBS work informs practice in the field of forensic mental health including the disciplines of:

  • psychology
  • psychiatry
  • mental health nursing
  • health sciences
  • social work, and
  • occupational therapy.

These professionals are responsible for the assessment and treatment of those who are, or have the propensity to become, mentally disordered, and whose behaviour has led, or could lead, to offending.

Research, professional development and consultancy

CFBS engages in a range of related activities including:

  • securing competitive research grant funding to conduct research in relevant areas; Providing first rate postgraduate training in graduate programs that attract increasing numbers of high calibre students;
  • providing continuing professional development workshops to enhance the knowledge and skill base of the work force; and
  • providing expert consultancy and training in mental health, law, and related sectors.

Our partnerships

CFBS enjoys a close partnership with Forensicare and additional relationships exist through affiliations and contracts established with industry partners, such as:

  • Victoria Police
  • Adult Parole Board of Victoria,
  • Corrections Victoria
  • Department of Justice and Regulation
  • Department of Health and Human Services; and
  • international agencies and organisations.

It is envisaged that the CFBS will evolve and strengthen the field of forensic behavioural science, both in Australia and internationally. A key focus of the Centre is to transfer academic and clinical excellence into practice in the health, community services and criminal justice sectors.

Consultancy and training services for industry

Forensic issues are becoming increasingly prominent in mental health, while behavioural issues are a concern for legal and criminal justice settings.

The CFBS has expertise in conducting program evaluations, the development of best practice models of care and treatment, and the development of an appropriately skilled workforce that optimises the delivery of health, social and criminal justice services. As part of this, we contribute towards the development, validation, testing and utility of specialist assessments, interventions and evaluations for individuals who fall under the auspices of forensic behavioural science.

Our research, teaching and clinical outputs contribute to the development and revision of public policy regarding the need for public safety and seek to reduce levels of victimisation of some of the most vulnerable in our society.

We offer training in:

  • Assessment and management of risk for offending, violence, sexual offending, intimate partner violence, arson and stalking
  • Dealing with difficult people or situations within organisations
  • Responding to and managing stalking in the workplace, including on campus at universities
  • Dealing with people with severe personality disorders and offending behaviour

More information

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For more information about our professional training program contact

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