Family Sensitive Practice Committee

The Family Sensitive Practice Committee is chaired by the Chief Social Worker, and is made up of family/ carers, members of the Executive and senior management, and clinical staff from Thomas Embling Hospital and the Community Forensic Mental Health Service. The Committee meets at Thomas Embling Hospital between 11.00 am and 12.30 pm on the first Wednesday of the month from February to December. Family/carers receive a sitting fee to cover their time and travel to attend. New members are welcome.
In 2015, for the first time Thomas Embling Hospital undertook a survey of our carers to understand what they thought about the work that we do. Download a copy of the results of the survey here.

Family & Carer Advocate brochure
Family & Carer Information booklet
Family & Friends News – 5 per year are sent to as many family/carers as possible.
Family & Friends News April 2015
Family & Friends News May 2015
Family & Friends News August 2015
Family & Friends News October 2015

More information

For more information about the Family Sensitive Practice Committee contact:

Liz Ward or Matthew Jackman
T: + 61 3 9495 9164; 0428 465 053
E: or