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Community Integration Program

What is the Community Integration Program?

The Community Integration Program is a voluntary, short-term program that supports people with mental illness and complex needs to transition from prison back into the community.

The program works with the prison-based primary mental health service to connect people in prison with ongoing community-based mental health services prior to, and following their release. In particular, it assists people at high risk of service disengagement or mental health relapse following release from prison – to ensure they are properly supported.

Where is the Community Integration Program based?

The program is based at the following locations:

  • Melbourne Assessment Prison
  • Metropolitan Remand Centre
  • Dame Phyllis Frost Centre
  • Ravenhall Correctional Centre

Soon to be available at Port Phillip Prison.

Referral Criteria

People referred to the program should satisfy all the following criteria:

  • Ongoing mental health needs that will require involvement from community-based mental health services upon release from prison, and meets the criteria for these services.
  • A history and/or are at risk of community-based mental health service disengagement upon release from prison.
  • Are due for release from prison within 6-8 weeks.
  • The person is aware the program is voluntary, has agreed to participate and is willing to engage in the program.
  • The person has identified high risk and complex reintegration needs.

More information

Please contact the Community Integration Program to:

  • make a referral.
  • request secondary consultation regarding prisoners/patients with mental illness in their transition from prison to the community.
  • to arrange an information session with your team on topics related to patients with complex and enduring mental health conditions and managing this cohort’s transition back into the community.


For more information, please contact: