Electives for medical students

Forensicare runs a university medical elective program for up to four local and overseas students each year. 

Forensicare is the leading provider of forensic mental health services across Victoria.  We deliver recovery-focused programs to consumers with serious mental illnesses across the Victorian justice system, mental health sector and the community—from early intervention and prevention, to inpatient care, rehabilitation, and community transition support. Each year, we run a structured medical elective program, encouraging university medical students to learn more about forensic mental health.

The medical elective

The medical elective program includes experience at:

To apply

Any medical students with an interest in psychiatry are encouraged to apply.

You can access the application form here.  Please submit the completed form and your CV via email here.

The process

Once a student has completed and submitted their application form and CV, it will be considered by the Training Committee. The students will be notified of their application’s outcome, and successful applicants will be contacted by our team to finalise enrolment details.  A timetable and further information will be sent to successful students two weeks prior to the elective’s commencement.

Not a medical student?

If you do not meet the criteria for a medical student, but would still like more information about working with Forensicare, please view our current vacancies page.

Applying from interstate or overseas?

Forensicare’s People and Culture team are more than happy to discuss visa requirements and relevant security clearances.

Frequently asked questions

Not only is forensic mental health an incredibly niche and interesting area of mental health, but it’s also an area that focuses on truly helping people who need to manage their mental illnesses.

If you’re considering a career in psychiatry, choosing a placement at Forensicare will provide an incredible opportunity to hone your skills, learn about forensic mental health, and be supported by industry professionals who can help you truly excel.

The elective comprises  of a rotation across a number of Forensicare services:

  • Thomas Embling Hospital
  • Community Forensic Mental Health services
  • Melbourne Assessment Prison’s psychiatric unit
  • Observing Mental Health Liaison Officers at the Melbourne Magistrates Court

Thomas Embling Hospital

Located in Fairfield, 15 minutes from Melbourne CBD, Thomas Embling Hospital is a secure forensic psychiatric hospital. The hospital provides acute and continuing care and rehabilitation programs for both male and female patients.

The vast majority of patients at Thomas Embling Hospital are forensic patients–that is, patients who have been found not guilty due to mental impatient in criminal proceedings under the Crimes (Mental Impairment and Unfitness to be Tried) Act 1997.

Other patients at Thomas Embling include security patients from prisons who are receiving  short-term treatment for their mental illness, as well as civil patients.

Here, you’ll spend time working with a number of acute and sub-acute patients, their care and rehabilitation, while being supported by world-class medical professionals, who are dedicated to fostering a fantastic learning experience.

Community Forensic Mental Health services

The Community Forensic Mental Health Service is a Forensicare outpatient, community-based program for persons with a serious mental illness who have offended, or are at serious risk of offending. Community provides specialist assessment, treatment and programs to treat consumers with problem behaviours living in the community. Programs include the Problem Behaviour Program, the Non-Custodial Supervision Order Consultation and Liaison Program, and the Community Treatment and Transition Program.

As well as providing community mental health programs, the Community Forensic Mental Health Service also provides advice and assessments to court proceedings, at the request of Magistrates and Judges. Students undertaking Forensicare electives will have the opportunity to observe the consultations, attend court with industry experts, and observe the clinical review process.

Melbourne Assessment Prison

The Melbourne Assessment Prison is just one of many Victorian prisons Forensicare provides specialist mental health services to. Forensicare’s psychiatric unit features specialist clinics, outpatient services, and assessment programs.

As part of your elective, you may have the opportunity to shadow a registrar or nurse practitioner on outpatient rounds within  prison services.

Melbourne Magistrates Court

As part of your elective, you will also have the opportunity to sit in with Mental Health Liaison Officers, and observe their assessments within court proceedings.

Any medical students with an interest in psychiatry are encouraged to apply.

If you do not meet the criteria for a medical student, but would still like more information about working with Forensicare, please view our current vacancies page.

To find out more information about the medical elective program, please contact our Director of Advanced Training.